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Projects: ChickenPi [Latest Update, 14 July, 2016]

The ChickenPi Project is actually a number of different smaller projects linked together under a single theme - they are all related to observing and managing my chickens in their coop. The core projects are functional and useful. These could well be of interest to others who have their own chickens. Some of the peripheral projects are primarily for my learning purposes, and may be less directly useful to a wide audience - you still may find somethings you can use. The final category of projects are also for learning, but may actually be mostly for fun and entertainment rather than being useful for managing your chooks.

The ChickenPi is a suite of software and hardware components based mostly around the RaspberryPi single-board computer and the GPIO hardware interfaces built into it. The RaspberryPi is an ideal platform for me - cheap, stable Linux operating system, many user support forums, and lots of people just like me who are happy to share their lessons learned and their fun and innovative projects.

The core functions of the ChickenPi are as follows:

Additional functions planned:

Not so functional plans: